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    Diversity and Diverse populations

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    Can you help me with:

    - Definition of Diversity and diverse populations

    - Correlation of social psychology and diversity how do they come together

    - Examples of real world diversity

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    Here are my thoughts on diversity.

    Environmental scientists make a huge deal over the destruction of our environment and lament the loss of bio-diversity on the planet. Yearly, they estimate the numbers of species that are lost through the destruction of environments, pollution or some conscious act of humankind. The fear is the simple fact that diversity adds to the amazing richness of our planet - the sights, sounds and experiences that make-up our environs. There is also concern that we are possibly loosing gifts that could enrich our lives in ways that we are loosing the ability to discover. Similarly, it can be said that every year the cultural diversity of the planet is also diminished, sometimes through violence and neglect and sometimes through the exercise of power and control of those in the majority who hold power and influence - some conscious act of human kind. In either the case of biological diversity or human/cultural/ethnic diversity the issue is not just the lost of individuals parts of our world experience but part of the whole that make up the world we live in.

    Diversity then is the multiplicity of ethnic and cultural differences given to the differing societies and communities of people who have different origins, religions, traditions and possible world-views. Given globalization, these differing groups may or may not live in the same geographic area. These differences may include language, ...

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    The diversity and diverse populations are examined. The correlation of social psychology and diversity is determined.