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    Diversity needs analysis

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    Two suggestions for conducting a diversity needs analysis. For example, which metrics would you ask for, which questions would you ask, how would you collect the data and from whom, how could you uncover the organization's goals and where the organizational culture is in terms of diversity paradigms? Be thoughtful and be creative! There is not one right way to do a needs analysis.

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    Diversity needs analysis
    The first thing to do when performing a diversity needs analysis is to discover how diversity fits into the mission and vision of the organization. This can be done through a review of the two statements and any value statements the company has posted. Ask how the management thinks diversity can improve or has improved the organization.

    Step 2
    Formulate the questions that need to be answered about diversity within the company.
    1. Does the company have a diversity policy?
    2. Is the company diverse in terms of individuals as employees?
    3. What is the level of diversity in management?
    4. Diversity looks like?
    a. Gender
    b. Ethnicity or nationality
    c. Levels of skills

    Step 3
    What level of skills are required to improve the success of the company?
    Review the jobs and their tasks. ...

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    A sample outline of the needs analysis for diversity of a company.