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Project Organization: Executive Summary (Riordan)

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Using the Riordan Manufacturing Go Green Campaign and the WBS attached as a reference only, can you help me get started on this assignment?

Please help write an executive summary in which you describe the role of a project leader in making staffing decisions.

This can be a general executive summary, but please provide examples/reference to Riordan and the WBS document that is attached.

Open the *ATTACHED* file(s) to see all details!

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The solution assists in writing an executive summary describing the role of a project leader in making staffing decisions.

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Please find guidelines and ideas for Role of Project Leader down below.


Role of Project Leader

Executive Summary
A project leader plays a vital role in the success or failure of new initiatives or plans. Nowadays, every organization is going green to contribute in the sustainable development of the environment. Go green initiative is aimed to improve the sustainability of the environment. Riordan Manufacturing is planning to develop a green project. Staffing decisions form a great part for any project (Hamilton, 2004). Project leader is responsible for managing the staffing related practices. Project leader decides the number of team members required to accomplish the goals of the project. A project is a set of various activities that are interrelated to each other.

Staffing decisions play an important role in the success or failure of any project. A project leader is vested with various responsibilities and roles that are critical for the attainment of project goals. Project leader decides the hiring of suitable personnel. In the staffing decisions, it is the responsibility of project leader to first analyze the required level of skills, competency, knowledge and proficiency of individuals. As in the go green project that is developed for Riordan Manufacturing, it is the responsibility of project leader to manage the staffing related practices.

Project leader of go green initiatives should analyze the personnel needs of the project. After analyzing the personnel needs, project leader is required to make decisions regarding whom to hire. Staffing needs are determined by the project leader. A proper staff is essential for any project, as without adequate staff, it is not possible to perform difference ...

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