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    Riordan business proposal

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    You have been contracted by Riordan Manufacturing (company information included in the attachments) to provide a proposal for a new leadership and management development program. The background information regarding the company may be found in the attachment and the details regarding the internal structure of the organization also in the attachment.

    Resources: Riordan Manufacturing and three online corporate leadership and management development programs

    Conduct research online to locate three commercial leadership or management development programs. Use the three commercial programs to generate ideas for your own unique proposal.

    Write a business proposal for Riordan Manufacturing outlining the minimum components necessary for an effective leadership and management development program using ideas drawn from the programs selected and from your knowledge of theory and practices from previous knowledge.

    Include a detailed rationale to explain your choice of components and their necessity to Riordan Manufacturing's and the leader's success.

    Include the following in your business proposal:

    ? A summary of the proposed development program
    ? A list of your objectives
    ? Goals for the program, leaders and managers, and the organization
    ? You may use charts, graphs, templates, or PowerPoint® to support your program

    Note: This is a business document, prepare it accordingly.

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    ? A summary of the proposed development program
    The proposed development program at Riordan will provide an understanding of the different leadership styles. It will allow the participants understand the circumstances in which different leadership styles may be used. Further, the proposed development program will develop coaching skills and will help participants when they are called upon to train or mentor individuals. The participants will be trained n developing group and team effectiveness. The proposed development program will help participants in two ways. It will help develop teamwork and at the same time will enable the development of individual team member effectiveness. Most important, the proposed development program will help participants of Riordan to work towards actions that will pay off tomorrow. In short the participants will be trained in strategic thinking.
    ? A list of your objectives
    To make sure that leaders of Riordan acquires an in-depth understanding of the main business functions and integrate these across Riordan .
    Improve decision making by teaching strategic skills to the ...

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