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Assuming the role of a Riordan employee stationed in China develope a report that recommends a course of action for Riordan's Chinese operations. In the report what should be addressed is:

•A description of the the issues raised by operations in China based on ethical principles.
•Identify the courses of action available to Riordan.
•Consider the ramifications of those choices from the perspectives of various stakeholders.
*Recommend and defend a course of action for all situations.

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A description of the issues raised by operations in China based on ethical principles are examined. The expert identifies the Courses of action available to Riordan is determined.

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As a Riordan employee stationed in China I would recommend the following course of action for Riordan's Chinese operations. My recommendations will be based on the ethical issues raised by the Chinese operations. The identified course of action available to Riordan will consider the ramifications of these ethical choices on various Riordan stakeholders.
The issues raised by operations in China based on ethical principles
The Hangzhou (China) operations, producers of electric fans are a joint venture between Riordan Manufacturing and local Chinese businesses. The history of Riordan Manufacturing goes back to 1991. In 1991, Riordan received patent awards to process polymers into plastic substrates. According to research done by the University of Phoenix in 2003,
Riordan expanded its production to include beverage containers made from plastic in their Albany Georgia plant. In the current market of today, Riordan Manufacturing produces in Pontiac, Michigan, custom plastic parts. As well, it produces in Hangzhou, China, plastic parts for fans. The research done in 2003 by the University of Phoenix, reports that the senior team of leadership in Riordan Manufacturing developed a special plastic design Corporate Compliance Plan. Included in the guidelines for ethical standards, required of all management, is the expectation to honestly lead with environmental support in mind. Ethical and business practices were described in the plan as above reproach. The Corporate Compliance Plan adopted by Riordan Manufacturing describes its mission as ensuring awareness and complying with relevant laws, regulations and rules of the workforce.
Courses of action available to Riordan identified
Whereas China is a member of the United Nations, a course of action available to Riordan could be to advocate the adoption of the ethical United Nations Compact Guidelines for business, especially those that deal with labor and pollution of the environment.
An Ethical Manifesto, from the World's largest corporate citizenship and sustainability initiative, the UN Global Compact was officially launched on the 26th of July, in the year 2000.
A global ethical masterpiece, the United Nations Compact Guidelines initiative has developed and grown to now include more than 10,000 participants. The United Nations Compact Guidelines initiative now enjoys the inclusion of over 7,000 businesses. These member businesses are located in 145 countries around the world. Seven United Nations agencies are at its core, and it is a network-based initiative with the Global Compact Office.
Ethically renowned, whereas the United Nations is the world's only real global political forum, the Global Compact involves all relevant social actors, companies, whose actions it seeks to influence civil society organizations, labor, and governments. The United Nations was instrumental in this ethical initiative because of its standing as the global authority convener and international facilitator.
Ethically, the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact will be listed below. The Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact were developed in specific areas. The United Nations Global Compact areas adopted by the United Nations were in: human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption. These areas enjoyed universal consensus and were taken from first, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights; second, The International Labour Organization's Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work; third, The Rio Declaration on Environment and Development; and ...

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