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Challenges in developing tumor vaccines

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Tumors present an unique challenge to the immune response, and it is difficult to develop therapies to focus the power of the immune system towards eliminating tumors. This solution details what we know about the challenges in developing vaccines against tumors.

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Tumors are derived from normal tissue, and therefore generally have no 'foreign' proteins that can be recognized by the immune response. As the immune system has mechanisms to ensure it is tolerant to normal cellular proteins, it largely lacks the ability to recognize tumors. In fact the tumor itself can appropriate some of the normal mechanisms that the body uses for tolerance to inhibit any immune response that ...

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While the immune response is effective at protecting against most infections, it is less able to combat growing tumors. Tumors present unique problems for the immune response that are not present in the response against infectious agents. This solution details these problems and explains why they are diffcult to overcome.

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