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Riordan Executive Summary

All I am needing is an excutive summary for this assignment using Inventory Management and Control at Riordan Manufacturing .

Begin work on Service Request SR-rm-001.
?Identify specific systems within Riordan's inventory and manufacturing processes that could be improved.

?Begin defining the business requirements of the selected systems.

?An executive summary of the project which identifies the business processes that have been identified for improvement.

Service Request SR-rm-001
Processes Evaluation

Organization: Riordan Manufacturing
Locations: All Locations
Requester: Hugh McCauley, COO

Description of Request:
Suggest specific systems changes that improve our inventory or manufacturing processes.

Background of Request:
We would like to use computer system utilization to become more efficient.

Expected Results/Impact when completed:
Create a business requirements definition for system upgrades/improvement to be given to the IT department or information systems consultants.


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The thing that jumps out at me as an OTA is the statement about not knowing how to write an executive summary, which is perfectly fine if you've never done one before. So that's really where my focus on this response will be. I'll go over exec. summaries first, give you some links to good information on the web, and then I'll talk more about your specific assignment and some of the things I would expect to see in the ES if I were the professor.

Start by reading these links:

As you can see, the first link is more of ...

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The solution provides solid information about what an executive summary should include, and links to reading on that topic. It then mentions specifics related to the Riordan Manufacturing case materials attached.