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    Staffing in the 21st Century: New Challenges and Strategic Opportunities

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    Identify and analyze the key developments in staffing, especially with regards to recruitment and personnel selection practices. Analyze the findings of the author with regards to the link between staffing theories and practices to organizational and business unit effectiveness. Evaluate the models proposed by the author for closing the gaps between research and practice.

    Your investigation should include a thorough review of the subject in the University of Liverpool's online library and also consider applicability across cultures as well as within a multicultural workplace.

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    Organizational Staffing:

    The staffing of the organization contributes a lot to the effectiveness of the organization through the sustained man power availed to the organization. Sustained competitive advantage of the organization in the business market is maintained through organizational staffing. Great staffing methods streamline the strategic direction of the company through the improvement of employee productivity. The experimental approaches that have been stated by the author are based on models that indicate that optimum levels of staffing maximize the organizational profit making abilities. Overstaffing in the organization might lead to the arising of the challenging situations that will slow down the functions of the company. This therefore infers that the selection of the appropriate number of staff members is crucial to sustain the operations of the company (IT Organization, n.d).

    Analysis of the Key Developments in Staffing:

    Staffing is the process that an organization utilizes to attract, select and retain employees who are competent to enable the organization to attain its goals. This influences the diversity of human capital in the organizational setting. To convey the value of the organizational system, multi level staffing research methods and models were offered to the organization to develop the staffing systems of a corporation. Through the strategic staffing of the employees in the organization, research practices have to incorporate varied selection practices. The incorporation of these proposed strategies enable the organizations to better attract competent employees despite the changing times in the organizational setting.

    Development in the staffing of employees ...

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