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Public Service System Flyer

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As the associate director of staffing services for your state's department of civil service, you must create a flyer regarding the changing public service system. The flyer will be sent to the staffing departments throughout the state to inform the departments of the system's history and potential challenges within the management of their workforce.

Create a flyer of a minimum of 750-words. In the flyer, address the following:

How has the public service system evolved over the last 100 years?
What major events and decisions were important to the evolution? Include a timeline of your examples.
What are some of the challenges of managing the public workforce in the 21st century? Explain how these challenges came to be and how they may change in the future. Describe your vision for dealing with these issues.

Note. Please use graphics and images to help support your content.

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The public service is an imperative component mechanism provided by the government for citizens living within a particular jurisdiction. Thus, the public sector assists in facilitating the public service initiatives and programs to assists the citizens of the identified jurisdiction.

-How has the public service system evolved over the last 100 years?

Since the last century of the 1900s, the role of public service focused on a consensus that some elements of living should be provided for regardless of class or financial social standing. Even during the great depression, the people struggle to service thereafter promoted a need for social change to having additional public services to assist those could not bounce back to normalcy. Thus, the public service role contributed to providing series of programs from electricity to healthcare. In the early years, the dominant public service output entailed water and gas services for the population to assure adequate living conditions were contributed towards a developed country.

Try and identifying the progress of public service system evolution over the last 100 years as adapting to the changing needs of the country's citizens. For instance, in certain parts of the United States the cost of heating one's home might be extremely higher than in another part of the country, thus, the need for public service programs to assist the elderly or unfortunate circumstances.

- Major events and decisions were important to the evolution? Include a timeline of your examples.

Yes. Major events played a significant role in changing how public service evolved in the last 100 years and the programs operations procedures for ...

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