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    Public Service Announcements - General Public & Healthcare

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    In order to inform both the public and health care workers about a current infectious disease outbreak, the use of service announcements makes it easy to reach several people at once. The language used really depends on the audience the announcement is targeting.

    You will be targeting two populations, the general public and health care workers. Choose one respiratory disease and create two (2) public service announcements addressing it.

    Be creative in your presentation. Include the name of the disease (layman's term and official), precautions, where the organism is found, how to protect oneself from exposure, what to do if exposed, and treatment options.

    Consider how you will disseminate your information. Is it going to be via a TV or radio spot? Will it be on the hospital TV channel? An e-mail blast? In-service? Poster in the bathroom? Be creative in your presentation, but be aware of your audience. Your announcements can be a PowerPoint presentation, pamphlet, or script for a TV/radio announcement. You may include appropriate graphics. Provide the URL for any website you use for sources for your announcement.

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    Dear Student,

    Thank you for the opportunity to assist in your academic pursuits. You will find attached two documents. The first is an example of a public service announcement for healthcare professionals. The second is a general public service announcement.

    Each of the provided examples contain the disease name (Official and layman term), precautions, where the organism is found, protecting yourself, what to do if exposed, and treatments. As for getting your message out to the public, both examples are usable as a poster, flyer, or could be expanded into a ...

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    Public service announcements are a good method for distributing important information to both the general public and healthcare workers. Short informational spots can be placed on television, radio, the Internet, or converted to flyers, posters and brochures for distribution.