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Health Marketing

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Your State has been damaged by a natural disaster, resulting in a mass evacuation of 300, 000 people who are now living in temporary housing.
- What services would you offer these people (As a Healthcare Organization Marketing Manager)
- What promotional strategies would you use to promote your organizations healthcare services to these people?
- How will their financial situation affect your pricing plan?

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The questions require you to think as you would if you were a Director of Healthcare Marketing. Therefore, the first step in doing this assignment is understanding the role of the Healthcare Marketing Manager. As a healthcare professional, I worked closely with these individuals. They are responsible for marketing, and executing, all marketing initiatives within the healthcare organization. They are responsible for advertisements and public relation strategies that help achieve the goals and objectives of the organization. They assess the demand for services and, with this information, they increase organizational awareness through marketing initiatives (e.g. brochures, radio announcements, newspaper ads, public speaking etc.) . Their primary goal is to bring more clients to the organization and improve patient (client) retention.

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The services which you would offer these people in health marketing are determined. The promotional strategies you use to promote your organizations healthcare services to these people are determined. The financial situations affecting your pricing plans are determined.