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    B2C e-marketing of health care

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    Provide a brief presentation and slide notes for the following topic: B2C- E-marketing processes.

    E-marketing entails exchanges between business/organization customers and individual consumer students/users (e.g., health care organizations and practical student learning, or government agencies and student financial aid).

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    B2C - E-Marketing

    -Tactics and best practices used to market health care services through e-marketing (1)
    -Who will be treated?
    -Who is the ideal patient?
    -What is important to the target patients?
    -The channels that patients are most likely to access.
    -Creating a patient persona.

    Business to consumer marketing of health care services through e-marketing has several important characteristics. The marketing must focus on emotional issues, use more than one digital channels, and differences in demographic characteristics of patients.
    It is important to ...

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