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    Regulatory Issues with E-Business

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    I have to write two pages for a mock assignment describing the regulatory issues that websites must address if I were establishing my own website. I have no clue where to begin to look up regulatory issues for websites and I really don't fully understand where to go for help.

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    There has been tremendous impact of e-Business on the typical businesses. The information is exchanged much more quickly than any other thing which is helping the organizations to make more quick and accurate decisions. E business has removed geographical and time restrictions for the organizations. It also helps in following:
    ? Recording and analyzing strategic management records: processing these strategic management records into industry trends reports, market share reports, mission statements, and portfolio models
    ? Use of all the above to implement and control the businesses.
    Thus internet environment is dynamic and growing and it is facing lot of ethical, legal and regulatory issues. There may be many in future. There are issues of diverse cultures and languages; legal and regulatory differences; localization, technology and infrastructure.

    Regulatory Issues - Setting up a Website
    ? Choosing a Domain Name
    - Ensure that other trademarks are not infringed

    ? Selecting the content of the web site
    - The content can be protected and also it must not infringe other's rights.
    - The trademarks must be protected
    ? Laying down the flexibility and other features of the website.
    ? One must ...

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    This solution with 713 words and references explores regulatory issues with E-business by looking at setting up a website, copyrights, trade secrets, and other legal rules.