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    Business Plan and Marketing Plan

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    What is the difference between a marketing plan and a business plan?

    A business plan covers the overall elements of business, including the strategic plan, financial plans, target markets, sales, products and services, and operations. The business plan also contains information on how all of these elements relate to each other.

    A marketing plan, in contrast, focuses on the marketing and marketing strategy of certain products and services. Essentially, the marketing plan is tasked with identifying potential market areas while also addressing how to appropriately engage in marketing messages for those products or services to target populations.

    Therefore, both marketing and business plans cement the foundations of how the organization of business will operate. They identify which populations are served and which products or services will most likely contribute to the viability of the business or organization. Specific to the health care administrator, the marketing and business plan should focus on effective health care delivery and capitalize on the unique health care services offered by individual health care organizations.

    Reflect on how these plans contribute to business operations. Then consider the consequences a potential misalignment between these plans might hold for the business or organization.

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    Both the business plan and the marketing plan contribute to business operations. In the context of a health care organization, the business plan keeps the operation on strategy. In addition, the business plan clarifies the objectives of the health care organization. Also, it clarifies to the doctors, nurses, and staff who are the potential market, the costs of delivering health services, and drivers of revenue for the organization. In addition, the business plan makes the priorities of the business clear to the personnel of the organization. The key administrators of the health care organization easily understand interdependencies. Also, the business plan provides to the physicians, and other key employees, the milestones that keep the operations on track. For example, the superintendent knows that at the end of six months time the capacity of the hospital has to be increased by forty five beds. ...

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