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New Car Marketing Plan

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Can anyone assist with providing a marketing plan (Sample) for a new car. I have this project but I have never put together a marketing plan. Just need a little assistance please. Thanks!

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A Marketing plan interwoven with the Business plan should include:

Marketing overview: What is the 'boosting factor' for your business? Why it is different from other cars. A vision of where you want to be in a few years' time could help secure finances. (e.g., electric, hybrid, intelligent steering control, etc.)

Products or services: What are you offering? How will it be Manufactured? (e.g., after-sales service, One-year free service, five-year warranty

Market ...

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Writing a marketing plan is a crucial step in establishing a new product. It will improve your chance of securing finances or investments. Established businesses should review their business and marketing plan and update it regularly in order to provide direction for expansion of markets.

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Product : a car radio
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In developing you pricing strategy, keep in mind that it will be affected by your positioning strategy, as well as factors that may not be in your control - competition and markets could set price limits. Depending on your model, your distributors may also have a strong influence on the pricing strategy.

Pricing strategy directly impacts your revenue. But note that while increasing the price might give you more return on each unit, the number of units sold might decrease. So make sure you have considered your product's Elasticity of Demand before proposing your pricing strategy.

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