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Avian Flu: Infectious Disease strategies and prevention

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This research article Identifies some marketing, public service announcement, public awareness and disease prevention strategies emphasized, encouraged, practiced and utilized by the CDC and public health departments in order to build awareness and keep the public safe from the threats of infectious diseases.

These include though not limited to:

*Pamphlets and brochures, 800 numbers, and hot lines were set up at public health departments, and in some cases individuals were quarantined at airports for individuals travelling to and from foreign countries especially the countries where the outbreak was reported to have originated, and clustered.

*As Individuals crossing international boundaries are usually considered especially at increased risk of contracting infectious diseases and by passing through many airports; they are more likely to spread viruses and diseases to new locations, which was the case with the Avian Flu outbreak(taking extra precautions-and not flying if you don't have to locations that are 'suspects' helps).

*The Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia re-established and defined strategic goals which included Research, Surveillance and Response Team Work, Response Infrastructure and Training, and Disease/Infection Prevention and Control. This was established throughout the world, and much of this was marketed or made known to the public through Public Service Announcements (PSAs) and aired often.

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The field of public health is committed to prevent and control infectious diseases globally. As such the field and its officials and researchers are always looking for creative, innovative way of getting prevention messages across to the public. One fairly recent example of a disease and prevention strategies that were emphasized by public health departments all over globe is described below:

Avian Flu

In 1997 a breakout of the Avian strain of influenza (Avian Flu) was responsible for many deaths in people who were considered very healthy in Hong Kong. This reached pandemic level and with many similarities of that which was responsible for 20 million people in 1918. To date, this was yet one of extreme and major examples of how diseases can remain 'peaceful' dormant or isolated for ...

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