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    General question about health education

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    What is health education and the social, political, and economic factors that are involved in health education?

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    Health education involves educating people on how to achieve better health, in hopes they will gain knowledge, skills, and adjust their attitudes and behaviors that could change their health status. Health education informs people on the nature and cause of health issues, in addition to, preventative measures. In health education, people are educated a variety of ways. This includes through individual or group instruction. Sometimes interactive electronic media is also used as well, to promote changes in individuals, groups, or the general population. Oftentimes, mass communication strategies are used to educate the public about their health. This includes public service announcements, webinars, and blogging. Health education is a field of study that has a code of ethics and a skill-based set of competencies. Health promotion, on the other hand, are environmental actions that support the conditions for healthy living. Environmental actions include community mobilization, networking, and advocacy. It not only focuses on personal factors, but also structural aspects of the environment that affect human behavior. Health promotion involves political, social, and economic change to ensure ...

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    This gives a detailed description of health education and the social, political, and economic factors involved