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Hello. I need some clarification, if possible for an assignment I have. It calls for 5 research questions which must include a hypothesis for each question. I thought research studies were based on one hypothesis. So I am confused on how I am supposed to created a research study with 5 hypothesis. I also would like an example(s) of research topics. This is the 1st week and we have not even covered an entire chapter so I am unsure what a relevant topic would be at this point. Would this be a topic, the influence maternal depression has on a child's development-externalizing problems like ADHD/Conduct Disorder/Oppositional Defiant Disorder? Any guidance would be appreciated.

Choose a topic relevant to developmental psychology that interests you. Then propose a research study that you would conduct. Describe your research questions and include a hypothesis for each question (at least 5 questions), and your methods for each question.
1. Introduction:
-Describe topic of interest
-Describe why it is important
-State 5 research questions; be specific!!
-State a hypothesis for each question
-State methods for each question

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My name is Ms. Hartman and I am pleased to assist you.

Step one- you need to review what your books cover for information and topic ideas even if reading the complete book has not yet been assigned. Teachers don't always tell you exactly what needs to be completed. They expect you to take the initiative and go a step further then they have requested. Therefore, you should skim the book for ideas and information that you will be learning about while in that class. I would define everything you are talking about in your study and follow the other easy instructions. Let's take a look at your specific question.

Step 2. Your question is great if it covers topics related to the material. Also, remember you are to select a topic and come up with five questions and 5 hypotheses. Please see my example below.

Your statement- the influence maternal depression has on a child's development-externalizing problems like ADHD/Conduct Disorder/Oppositional Defiant Disorder?

My answer:

Topic- effects of maternal depression or does maternal depression contribute to childhood disorders

Question- 1. What effects does material depression have on a child's development?
Hypotheses- Maternal depression may have an adverse effect on child development.

Question 2. Does maternal depression contribute to ADHD in ...

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