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Article Critique Research

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Critically review a research article in the professional field of CHILD DEVELOPMENT.
The object of my critique is to describe how the study followed or failed to follow the criteria for good research. Speculate on which of the writer's conclusions were warranted and which were not. Include the following topics in my critique of the selected research article:
- Study design
- Problem or objective
- Literature review
- Population sampling for study
- Measurement
- Data collection methods and analysis
- Analysis
- Limited and justifiable conclusions

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Article critique research is examined.

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Critique of Article

Study design
For this research, data was collected through 1049 children, who were 12-47 months old and suffered from abuse or neglect. Descriptive statistics was used to analyze developmental and behavioral status in various domains such as language, adaptive functioning and behavior, developmental/cognitive status over time (Stahmer, et. al., 2009). Along with this, multivariate analyses were used to explore the relationship between variables like age, gender, race/ethnicity, home environment and follow-up scores.
Problem or objective
The main objective of this research was to explore the developmental and behavioral status of children in child welfare (CW) by using national probability sample.
Literature review
In the literature review of this article, it is discussed that in USA, more than 3.5million children were concerned to child welfare and 25% of them were suffered from child abuse and neglect. In 2006, more than 40% of children in child welfare were under the age of 6. Through CW, children can develop their communication skills, cognitive skills and social interaction skills that will be helpful in further learning and participating in society (Stahmer, et. al., 2009). At the same time, early experiences and environmental threats were uncontrollable factors that impact on child development in adverse manner.
Foster care services helped in child development by removing them from their homes. ...

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