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Article Critique: "Narcissus Goes to School"

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Article Critique: "Narcissus Goes to School"

The hallmark of graduate level writing and beyond is interacting with scholarly sources. Yet, before one can interact, the writer must be able to comprehend an author's thesis and especially the implications of that thesis for his or her field. Thus, we begin with an interesting article addressing concerns in public education.

Assignment: Compose an article critique discussing the following topics:

The author thesis (the overall point the author tries to convey)
The reasonableness of the author's thesis (the probability of the author being right or at least on the right track)
The support the author provides for his or her thesis (the evidence, the sources used, the reasons why the author believes his or her opinion is probably correct)
The implications of the author's thesis for your field (what the implications mean for your field, however marginal or vast)
Cite all references to the article with simple parentheses and page numbers.

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Article Critique of "Narcissus Goes to School" is advised in the solution.

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Please find your own examples within the article to validate your points.

First of all, as you determine the author's overall thesis, I maintain that Finn seems to articulate how "artificial self-esteem" (40) plagues education currently. He seems to refute the popular notion that lack of self esteem is a prominent theme and problem in the current state of education. He shows in his article that this topic is quite the opposite and a highly misunderstood issue in education and educational reform in ...

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