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    Article Critique for "iPads as Literacy Teaching Tool in Early"

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    The assignment is for the course, "Approaches to Literacy in Early Childhood (MS in Early Childhood Education)."

    The critique should address "reading/literacy" specifically. 4 pages (not including Cover and Reference)

    Paper needs to have the following sections:

    Introduction: Explain what the reader will find in this paper. Introduce the article—include title and authors using APA citation.

    Introduce the purpose of the paper: Set up your areas of critique. What are you doing? Why? In what order?

    Article Summary: Your summary should capture the who, what, when, why, and where of the article/research.

    Areas of Critique: Choose 3 areas to critique. When writing a critique, establish exactly what is being critiqued as the topic sentence of a paragraph. Provide support for your argument.

    Conclusion: Summarize and finalize the ideas of the paper

    Reference Page: Cite the article and/or other sources using APA citation

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    Step 1
    Article Summary:
    The location (where) of the research was two-preschool classrooms over a period of seven weeks. The research was carried out in classrooms where each class had two teachers (who). There was a lead teacher and an assistant. Each of the two lead teachers had six years of preschool teaching experience. None of the teachers had any experience using an iPad. Each of the children in these classes had attended at least one year of preschool before their entrance in this class. The article describes the use of iPads in two preschool classrooms of four and five year old children (when). The article describes the use of iPad as a tool that can be used to prepare children for formal reading and writing instruction in subsequent years of schooling (what). The article shows how iPads in the classroom increase social learning, improves the connection among reading, writing, listening, and speaking, and encourages writing using the iPad. The article describes how an awareness of print is developed in children. This article researches the use of iPad in preschool classrooms because with the development of digital technology, the description of reading and writing should include the use of multimedia and computer based print (why). According to the article since digital technology is becoming an essential part of the daily life of adults, its use may influence young children's ideas about literacy. The article feels that there can be benefits of developmentally appropriate ...

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