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Information literacy

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Information literacy affects several aspects of life today. On one hand it impacts the sociological perspectives of students in classrooms where there is a need to have a global perspective. On the other hand there are administrative concerns about how to increase information literacy. Teachers have concerns about how and when information literacy education should be imparted to students. However, students have their own perspective on information literacy. Finally, the obstacles that the library system poses in the field of architecture are examined.

The ISSP paper focuses on the need for cross-cultural education (Lauer. S & Yodanis. C 2004). The ISSP carried out social survey conducted in over 30 countries throughout the world and reports results on important issues like work orientation, family and gender roles, social inequality, social networks and support and the role of the government (Lauer. S & Yodanis. C 2004). This paper encourages classroom teaching that goes far beyond the boundaries of the country and sensitizes the students to foreign cultures, global environment and differences in societies. Zebel's article focuses on the collaboration among teaching faculty, librarians, campus administration, academic counselors, students and others making the academic community for the success of information literacy (2004). She focuses on the changing role of librarians in information literacy at a time when students show a preference towards making a greater use of the internet for gathering information. The Presidential Committee on Information Literacy: Final Report stresses the urgency of making information accessible to individuals and businesses (1989). The report recommends organization of ...

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