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Hypothetical development case study

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I need urgent help with a case study for the following child.
-4 year old only child whose spoiled behavior is out of control-does not follow directions. She is selfish-does not like to share-will fake cry
-No medical problems-no problems during pregnancy-Child was born in a hospital-At birth mother was 35 years old-father was 37 years old-child was bottle fed
-Very picky eater-only likes finger foods and nothing slimy
-Both parents have MBA's-Father is stay at home primary caregiver-Mother is executive at large corporation-When father cannot be at home the child is with Aunts and Uncles
-Child does not like to be away from parents
-Child was referred to school counselor through teacher
-Seeking counseling therapy for child and family

-Discuss risks and developmental complications associated with developmental history
-Include how deficits in these areas result or evolve into specific disorders and medical diseases later in the person's development along with long-term consequences associated with these disorders and illnesses
-Relate the findings to the developmental history case and identify potential issues for the child based on the responses

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