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Assessment Portfolio - Bradley Case Study

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A. Bradley is a five year old child who has trouble comprehending question from a storybook he previously read. Create a diagnostic test for assessment purposes for Bradley and explain the purpose of the assessment.

B. Create at least 3 instructional goals for each domain using the above information: cognitive, physical, motor, and language.

C. Create a recommendation plan to share with the child's parents for helping this child to continue with his or her growth and development at home.

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Case Study for Bradley

1. Diagnostic test battery for assessment of Bradley's reading and learning abilities.
i) WIAT III, WPPSI-IV, ERA- (Early Reading Assessment), DAYC-2 ( Developmental Assessment of Young Children- Second Edition), House-Tree-Person drawing test
- The WIAT III and WPPSI-IV are tests scores and evaluations of aptitude and achievement. Traditionally a significant discrepancy between the two indicate learning disabilities.
- ERA- ...

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test and assessment for learning disabilities

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