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Proposal for a Finance Dissertation

I am needing assistance. I am practicing a dissertation process and want to be clear about my knowledge of each component of the process. I am trying to create an overview of a proposal for a finance dissertation based upon using statistical tools for financial research and risk assessment / portfolio theory. At a minimum, the overview should include an introductory paragraph and a discussion of the following elements, which will appear as headings:

Background - This section needs to address only the background of the organization used for analysis; however, additional suitable material may be added.
Problem statement
Significance of the study to leadership
Nature of the study
Research questions/hypotheses
Summary - This is a summary of the key points made in the overview.

APA style.

Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Introductory paragraph:
According to the modern portfolio theory, diversification of investments leads to maximization of returns on investment. However, during recent years it has been observed that portfolios of shares which have diversified across industries have not performed satisfactorily. Since raising capital in the stock exchanges is important for companies to raise capital, this study will examine the relationship between diversification among industries and portfolio performance.

Diversification of shares across industries is supposed to improve the performance of a portfolio according to the modern portfolio theory. However, in the past few years, the performance of diversified share portfolios has not performed satisfactorily. The present study will compare the performance of five shares in the retail industry with the performance of five shares in retail, construction, banking, information technology, and the manufacturing industry. The statistical technique used will be regression ...

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