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    Proposal Process

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    Hello, I need help developing a response to the following:
    How difficult has it been to juggle writing a proposal during the final content courses? Is it difficult to move between the more structured environment of the content courses and the independent study of the dissertation process? Do you feel this is a satisfactory progress on a proposal? Why or why not? List any insights or tips that may help fellow learners make this transition easier?

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    Developing a proposal is always difficult. It is the basis of any paper and finding the focus and narrowing the problem takes time, often more than one has within a course of any type. Additionally, there is so much literature review to find the sources that will help support or negate the theories one wants to use. Literature reviews can mean the difference in formulating a good theory and stumbling around looking for any theory that will work. They help establish the methodology and what type of research the person wants to do.

    The independent study work is also difficult because there is limited structure by others. A person must establish their own time line, time management, and focus for the work. This can be ...

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