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    Structured Explanation of Request For Proposals

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    I know what a Request for Proposal is and the key elements in an RFP. I am having trouble understanding and finding scholarly references for the following: In what situations would you use an RFP? What are some situations where an RFP would not be appropriate?

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    A Request for Proposal is appropriate when:
    Transparency is important for the acquisition process. For example, if a public agency or a hospital is making purchases it is necessary to keep the purchase process transparent and fair. The process must be perceived by the stakeholders to be transparent and fair (2). For example, in a hospital purchase, the board members and the community should perceive the process to be fair.
    The Request for Proposal is appropriate when in addition; the purchases are of sufficiently large value to warrant a bidding process. For example, in a hospital it is appropriate to use Request for Proposal when costly servers are to be purchased.
    The Request for Proposal is appropriate when there are a large number of suppliers who are willing bid for the contract. For example, if there is a contract for selling computer hardware to a hospital there will be several contractors who will be willing to make a bid ...

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