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Request for a Proposal (RFP)

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Can you show me an actual Request for a Proposal (RFP) in the field of Outsourcing?

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A request for a proposal is provided in the solution.

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The City of Benton Harbor in Michigan floated RFP for outsourcing of its IT, PC, and networking support services for a population of approximately 100 City employees. The scope also included services like remote access, web and electronic commerce support. The RFP entailed request for qualification for providing following services:
➢ Evaluating the current system, monitoring trends and developments in computing, networking, and communication technologies
➢ Evaluating new hardware, software, operating systems, and techniques to improve systems, performance and coordinating migration to new technologies
➢ Recommending policies, procedures, and standards for implementation and use of IT
➢ Performing annual audit of IT infrastructure
➢ Creating plans to rectify shortcomings identified in the IT audit
➢ Maintenance of IT infrastructure including servers, ...

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