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Proposal Writing Questions

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I need help with the below questions:

1. Discuss your understanding the Request for Proposal (RFP) process. Discuss your understanding of the proposal process. How and why are these processes different or the same?

2. Discuss the importance of revising the proposal or rethinking the problem or opportunity. Describe ways in which your organization can specifically benefit this process. My organization is Samba Financial Group.

3. How does the proposal solve the needs of the customer? How do marketing strategies affect the success of the proposal? Use your own organization or a fictitious organization to answer this question.

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//Making a proposal before finally making a product is important for the company as it helps in finding out the loopholes associated with it. While writing this paper, an understanding for the request for proposal and proposal process have been given followed by the benefits that are associated with it. Lastly, light will be shed upon the problems that the proposal solves of the customers and the effective marketing strategy that result in the success of the proposal//

Request for proposal (RFP) is a process that makes a request to the suppliers through a bidding process so that a proposal can be submitted on the exact commodity or services. The request for proposal process adds structure to the purchasing decision and permits to take risk and benefits which can be identified in a clear state of position. The RFP process in comparison to other process is often lengthy and is used there only where many of its advantages overshadow disadvantages and the delays caused. Successful RFP's reflects the strategy and short and long term objectives providing a detail know how as how the supplier will be able to match the viewpoint.

Proposal process is inviting a bid from the customers for a contract or sales proposal related to a product or service. While writing a proposal process in a letter, the first thing that is normally carried out is that the pricing of the proposal is mentioned at the very end of the document. This sometimes shocks the customers as the price assumed does not matches the price stated. Next, in the first few pages of the proposal contains the benefits explained in full details. This is followed by the price that is included in the last which surprises the buyers as they see the price (Mills, 2010). In the proposal process the word price or cost is never included in the document instead the word which comes is the investment. In the proposal process the reader always makes an ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1162 words with references.

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