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    Business Research for Decision Making: Comparison of formal research and business proposals

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    Compare and contrast the theoretical and practical differences between "formal research" and "business proposals". What are some commonalities? What are some differences? What are the capabilities of one in contrast with the capabilities of the other?

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    When writing a formal research proposal you have three main components: general framework, a specific focus, and a working bibliography. A general framework identifies your topic and tells why you want to research that topic. It is important to explain how the topic relates to you in a personal way, and it helps to explain how the research will be useful to others. A specific focus should provide several questions that you would like to provide answers for in relation to the research topic. You should frame the questions in such a way that you are able to clarify, prove and support the answers that you discover. A hypothesis should be proposed, as well as a method of study that will control the project. A working bibliography shows the sources that you used that will prove to be useful to the intended audience. The purpose is to establish that there are relevant sources to do a comprehensive research ...