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    Dissertation Preparations and Deliverables

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    Hello, based of the attached document, can you help me with the following:

    *Present the final deliverables and discuss the submission process

    These elements are not sections in the dissertation; rather, they reflect the content that should be covered.

    For specific headings and sections, sample a number of dissertations on similar topics or those that use similar methods from a spectrum of institutions to identify necessary sections in an academic dissertation.

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    The dissertation is presented in several parts, which, the intent to effectively define the problem (businesses unable to effectively manage workplace diversity) and the expected (hypothesis) cause leading to propose resolution. Therefore, the standard model for dissertations falls, in which, the final deliverables, within three main areas, indicate the following:

    1. Dissertation idea paper

    Try and think the idea paper as a means for expression the workplace diversity as central theme to the overall research (dissertation) goal. Thus, initial ideal is presented in:

    (a) Background / introduction for stating why workplace training / programs are essential

    (b) Problem statement that indicate the scope in range for identify workplace issues relating to internal systematic ineffectiveness (1) reduction in talent pool (2) lower morale, etc.

    (c) Dissertation goal is concise in defining the aim to investigate through intense research for understanding to workplace diversity and workplaces without diversity causes major harm to overall businesses goals.

    (d) Research questions as in ...

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    The review into dissertation three main deliverables.