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10 Key Strategic Points for a prospectus, proposal and dissertation

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In the prospectus, proposal and dissertation there are ten key strategic points that need to be clear, simple, correct and aligned to ensure the research is doable, and credible. The 10 key strategic points emerge from researching literature on a topic which is based on the learner's degree area. (Draft a document addressing the ten key strategic points that define research.)

The Ten Strategic Points are
1. Topic
2. Problem Statement
3. Purpose Statement
4. Research Statement
5. Hypothesis
6. Literature Review
7. Methodology and Design
8. Sample and Location
9. Data Collection and
10. Data Analysis

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The ten key strategic points for a prospectus and proposal and dissertation are provided.

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The 10 Strategic Points of the Dissertation Process are attached and should give you strong direction for each of the research processes.

The required statistical test to test the difference in hours worked by existence of self-reported pain is given as follows:
Step-I: Null and Alternate Hypothesis:
Null Hypothesis: The mean number of hours worked by employees not having self-reported neck or shoulder pain ...

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