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Responsibilities & Competencies for Health Education Specialists

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Visit the website of the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc.

1.What are the requirements to take the credentialing exam? What is the current cost and schedule for the exam? Would you take the exam to obtain the Certified Health Education Specialist credential? Why or why not?
2.Speak with a CHES. Determine his or her perceptions on the benefits of the certification. Determine the costs, including time and money, to maintain the credential.
3.Examine the Responsibilities and Competencies for Health Educators in Appendix B. They are supposed to be generic competencies, meaning they are practiced by health educators in all settings. Do you believe that they are truly generic? If not, identify sub competencies that you feel are not used in all settings. Are there competencies that may be practiced by health educators in a given setting which are omitted.
4.There are no specific references in the Responsibilities and Competencies for Health Educators knowledge about health content (e.g., sexuality, drugs, disease prevention, and nutrition). Many professionals feel that content is "embedded" in the sub competencies. How do you feel about this issue: should specific content be included; is knowledge a competency; can you determine if and where content is "embedded" in the sub competencies?

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With regard to the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc.,
as a student/professional, you will answer this question how it seems to fit your career goals and interests. For this writer, proceeding with the credentialing seemed as important as it is for a doctor, real estate or hair stylist chooses to do the same thing in his or her field of work.
The answers are offered for requirements here http://www.nchec.org/exam/chesfaq/ches/

Exam Eligibility

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1. How is eligibility determined?
For fees:

I was in the FIRST group to ever take the test back in 1991. More than half missed the grandfather-in clause, including ME. I have talked to people over the years who have mixed feelings about the credentialing. The cost/benefit analysis and long-term projection is a very individual consideration . For me, after a decade, I did not stay in the field as a primary profession. However, working here and in other fields I have always indirectly used my passion for health education. It's personal and a destiny. There would ...

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