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Integrity in Health/Management Leadership

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Hi, I need some help with this assignment: I am suppose to prepare a 2-4 page paper that shows how the concepts of competency within a given field, ability to work with others, and character contribute to success. This piece has to reflect critical thinking: assessing the validity of arguments, interpreting the accuracy of data, and ascertaining the depth and quality of research. All work should be original with proper acknowledgment of the work of others, and in APA formatting.

Identify the three essentials necessary for success.(Morals, ethics, integrity)?

Learning Objective:
Define how competency, alliance building, and character contribute to success.

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Competency in Health Education

Health Education
Health education is a field in which an individual learn about concepts of health care such as, physical health, environmental health emotional, health, spiritual health etc. The Health care system is a comprehensive set of organized services in the form of a network to fulfill the requirements of the employees and their families. The organized services should be community focused as well as family centered and culturally effective. Success is a very critical factor in every field and there are some characteristics that should be present in among all the health care employees to lead success.
Competencies in Health Care Education
Health care is a scientific, social and economic issue. The cost of health care is among one of the components of the economy of a country. According to the research done by Day, Bialek and Downing, it is a tough and complicate task to achieve success in the field of education care because it is directly related with the emotions and health of human being. In this filed there are three main factors that contribute to success such as integrity, ability to work together and ethical behavior (Day, Bialek & Downing, 2002).
Integrity in the Field of Health Education
Integrity is related to the honesty and sincerity of the educators towards their work and responsibility. There are various responsibilities that are followed by health educators. In order to promote health education, integrity should be main feature of the promoters. By following integrity, health educator can maintain a position of dignity and ...

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The solution examines integrity in health/management leadership. Competency in health education is analyzed.