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    communicable diseases

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    create a list of communicable diseases in the United States and pick a topic

    Select an infectious disease that is prevalent (or a potential threat) in your locality.stating your rationale for choosing this particular infectious disease.

    List the objectives and goals of your public education plan
    im not sure maybe to try and change it or set up goals

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    I'm not sure exactly where you're located, but I suggest you start looking at the major news outlets for various health concerns that have come up in the past in your locality. Where I live, our hospital, at one point in time, struggled with C. difficile, so this was the first microorganism that came to mind when I read the question.

    Of course, there are many others to choose from. E. coli is always a common and consistent threat. Salmonella, Ebola virus, SARS just to name a few more.

    The rationale behind which organism you choose should reflect past events in your locality, in the sense that you should find an infectious disease ...

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    The expert creates a list of communicable diseases in the United States. Infectious diseases that is prevalent are determined.