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    prioritizing the control of communicable diseases

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    please help me to address communicable diseases in the following scenario: i need need asap

    Suppose that your brother-in-law argues that not enough attention is paid in our society to preventing the spread of communicable diseases, such as influenza. He claims that other diseases, such as tuberculosis and small pox are underestimated as a threat to the health of our society.

    1) Do you think that we, as a society, prioritize the control of certain communicable diseases over others?

    2) How do we determine which diseases receive highest priority?

    Case assignment expectations:

    Use information from quality resource you can find. Please cite all sources.

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    As a society, we DO prioritize the control of certain communicable diseases over others and for good reason. Those in public health authority are knowledgeable about what is critical, how the public should be advised and PSA should be utilized. Unfortunately, however, even the most glamorous public service announcements will miss people. The shut in, and bilingual populous that lacks access to media or other networking may miss important precautions and information.

    Regrettably, bias in studies, judgments or misinformation may cause people to act poorly in a crisis, as in the case of a situation is related to a natural disaster or long term issue like HIV and AIDS. Initially, when AIDS surfaced, some sectors of society immediately went to judge. They resorted to finger-pointing, as in the case of the high prevalence in the gay community that had the disease and crediting the alternative lifestyle rather than living a traditional conservative lifestyle that the mainstream had and thereby omitted the scientific foundation. This approach kept out compassion and better understanding of how to appropriately deal with the communicable disease, transferred by blood and body fluid.

    Then when issues like the economy come into play ...