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Role in the global health arena

Just looking for some suggestions for outline to answer question about what steps a country can take to play a responsible role in the global health arena?

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The simpliest solution is for all countries to offer free healthcare for all. In doing so, individuals seeking medical attention are not forced with deciding about whether to go to the doctor or pay a utility bill. This is a huge problem worldwide and the United States has recently developed a healthcare bill which will ensure access to healthcare by all citizens. Improving an individuals health condition can result in the upward progression of a nation. If the majority of citizens are ill or too sick to work or have limitations, the ...

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This solutions provides a brief overview regarding steps a country can take to play a critical role in the global healthcare arena. Healthcare disparities are common place in many parts of the world and government can be instrumental in changing the course of healthcare outcomes and sustaining life through the development of universal healthcare systems.