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    What are the elements of capital budgeting? How do you determine these elements in the global business arena? Provide examples of how you would use capital budgeting analysis to determine the desirability of global projects.

    What are the international and regional institutions that comprise the global monetary and financial system? What role do these institutions play in promoting global business operations?

    Can any product or service be marketed globally? If it sells in the United States, does it sell in another country? Explain why or why not. Can a product be marketed in the same manner in multiple countries? Defend your answer with examples. How might you relate the four Ps of marketing to customer relations management (CRM) in a global business environment?

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    // Capital budgeting is required for the various investment purposes. It contains the key elements of the capital budgeting process.//

    Capital budgeting involves all the processes related to estimating the detailed budget for the investment projects. It utilizes the financial records and accounting procedures to manage the critical reporting of the project as well as to track the authorized expenditures of the project. Capital budgeting is important to manage the critical projects. The project can be of global business perspective (Charles, Moyer & Kretlow, 2012).

    // It contains various budgeting elements that can help in the global business arena. //

    The key elements of the budgeting in global business arena include flexibility, authorization for the expenditure, compliance, strategic planning and integration (Dayananda, 2002). These key elements can be expressed in the following way-

    Flexibility is concerned with the allocation of asset portions to multiple areas of the project, so that all the aspects of capital budgeting can be managed (Dayananda, 2002).

    Authorization for the expenditure leads to the work flow automation by approving processes.

    Capital tracking, percentage completion and budget variance are also the key elements of capital budgeting (Dayananda, 2002).

    Compliance with the specific accounting procedures gives it a standard.

    Strategic planning, support for analysis, reporting, opportunity identification, risk mitigation and decision making also play a vital role in capital budgeting process(Dayananda, 2002).

    Integration into the other systems, like current system integrated in the ERP systems is also a part of capital budgeting process (Dayananda, 2002).

    //The elements of capital budgeting are applied on various global businesses. It also determines the desirability of some global projects.//

    All these elements of capital budgeting are also important for global ...

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