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    Identifying the Important Ethical Issues in Research

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    There is often role conflict for research students in the health and social care arena whose research involves their patients or clients. The objective aims of the research are not always compatible with care needs they provide in practice.

    Students sometimes have problems identifying the important ethical issues incarrying out health and social care research.

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    Ethical issues in research in the health and social care arena

    Ethics are the rules or principals of behaviour i.e. good and evil, right or wrong, which apply to a particular person, community or group.

    Ethical values are used to decide upon the best course of action and choose between several possible and/or conflicting alternatives in any given situation.

    The Key Ethical Issues of Research involve:
    · Its validity which is goal based i.e. how important is the research question and will the research answer the questions asked?
    · The welfare of the people to be studied, which is duty based i.e. what will taking part involve and are any ...

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    The solution identifies the important ethical issues in health and social care research.