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Ethics Code and Boundary Issues

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How will the ethics code guide a psychologist in decision making with boundary issues?

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How the ethics code guides a psychologist in decision making with boundary issues are examined.

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An ethics code is essential in professional practice because it lays out the ground rules for what is considered acceptable behavior by a therapist, researcher, professor of psychology, etc. Ethics codes are also essential because they not only protect the client, students, or research subjects rights, but they also help the professional to avoid misconduct in their profession if they are aware of the ethics code associated with it. The code should be known very well or memorized by the professional in order to protect themselves and their client, students, or research subject's rights.

I think the APA's ethics code is a very thorough and useful guide for professionals in the psychological field. It cannot cover every instance in which some kind of right or legal issue is violated, but it is a comprehensive list of potential ethical problems in the field while providing guidelines for avoiding these pitfalls. I think every psychological professional should know these ethical guidelines well in order to protect themselves and the public with whom they become involved.

I believe step 1 is the ...

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