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Dual Relationships & Boundary Issues

1. Provide some pointers on what types of resources are available for professionals in the field of psychology concerning dual relationships and boundary issues.

2.Discuss the appropriateness of dual relationships. There are some that believe that there are some dual relationships that are appropriate, while there are others that believe that all dual relationships are inappropriate. What is a dual relationship?

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The following are links to some great articles about dual relationships; these resources worked well for me in my classes for my MS/P:




A dual relationship (also multiple relationships) is outlined for you below as indicated. A dual relationship is frowned upon and sometimes totally barred by the American Psychological Association. However, at times there is a fine line between dual and necessary.

Let's further this debate, and look at the following questions: A client wishes to pay for therapy services by bartering his original artwork. A therapist accepts a client's hug. A client asks his or her therapist if they can be friends after therapy ...

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