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dual role relationships

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You, a psychologist, are seeing a client in therapy. The client tells you she can no longer pay for sessions. You have been struggling to deal with the paperwork imposed by managed care and by your billing. You suggest that the client can work for you two days per week instead of paying for sessions.

Analyze the specific dual relationships presented in your selected scenario.

I know the dual relationship is that she is a client and now she is working for me. I am a little fuzzy on the next part, what is the dilemma, she does not make a good worker? She has access to the office? I am not sure which way to take this.

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The nature of dual role relationships in therapy is investigated using research.

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Although I can not per Brainmass policy give you the response to submit for your course, I am offering you some very detailed notes of my own from which you can form a response. Please let me know if you need further assistance or any explanations of this material. Remember, the fact that you know the person from a medical standpoint that changes to an employee standpoint creates different interactions, and the employer you are may be very different from the psychologist you are, especially if the new employee (your client) is not a good fit for your practice.

According to Pope and Keith-Spiegel (2008), "a search of APA's PsychInfo database turned up over 1,500 books, articles, and dissertations on the topics of boundaries, dual role relationships, and the like." With this much work being done on this topic, a strong suggestion is made that the ...

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