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Arnold Lazarus Essay

Discuss dual relationships. What was your opinion of the Arnold Lazarus essay (Bersoff, p.242)?

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Guidelines on four types of relationships: (a) sexual, (b) social relationships, (c) therapy, and (d) business relationships. Recommendations are offered on the consequences for violating ethical standards during internships. The guidelines and recommendations are provided with consideration for ethical standards relative to multiple roles that professionals may face. The Multiple-role conflict refers to a violation of the American Psychological Association's ethical standard (3.05). This standards states in part that, "A multiple relationship occurs when a psychologist is in a professional role with a person and (1) at the same time in a role with another person, (b) the person is related to the person in a professional role, or (c) promise to enter into in a relationship with the person, or a person associated with the professional (APA. ...

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This solution discusses the ethic dilemma arising from dual relationships.