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Spiritual Role in Poetry

This posting explains how Tennyson believed intensely in the spiritual role which poetry and the poet must play in the modern world. It also explains these pieces and authors:

Matthew Arnold - Dover Beach

Robert Browning - Karshish

Tennyson's - Lady of Shalott

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As you write your essay about how like Matthew Arnold and Robert Browning, Tennyson strongly advocates the spiritual role of poetry in the modern world, please allow these ideas to guide you:

First, please note how Matthew Arnold's "Dover Beach" applies this notion. His poem is a type of lament or prayer for spirituality instead of his nation's destructive arrogance and materialism.
Please recongize how Arnold laments that faith is vanishing from his world. He even labels it the "Sea of Faith." Arnold further infers how people used to strongly believe in their faith or sense of religion, but now the world is uncertain and questioning. The light of faith is dying in this poem. He ...

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This posting explores Tennyson's use of the spiritual role in poetry.