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Boundary issues and dual relationships in psychology

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What are boundary issues and dual relationships in the field of psychology and what is the difference between the two concepts. Why do these present an ethical issue?

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This solution discusses boundary issues and dual relationships in the field of psychology.

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Boundary issues occur in a therapist/ client relationship when the psychologist fails to conduct him/herself in a professional manner when in therapy with a client. They occur when a therapist places his/her needs above the needs of his/her clients and the therapist gains personally and /or professionally at the cleint's expense. Some examples of these issues include the therapist sharing personal information with his/her client, therapists doing favors for a client and therapists accepting gifts from a client or slipping into patterns of practice that are not client centered.

Dual relationships exist whenever a therapist interacts with a client in any capacity beyond the role of a therapist, for ...

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