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Professional Psychology

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What are boundary issues? Which type of boundary issues do you believe are most prevalent in the field of psychology? Why?

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This solution discusses bounday issues and the prevalence of these issues in the field of psychology

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(1) What are boundary issues?

Boundary refers to limitations. Thus the concept of boundary issues refers to limits by which a professional (e.g., medicine, psychology, and law) conducts his or her practice. As examples, boundaries relative to the provision of services may include the following: (a) the role of the therapist, (b) his or her service to the client, (c) time, space and place of therapeutic session, (d) gifts and services, (e) money, (f) language, and (g) physical contact. Regulatory bodies governing professional organizations set boundary rules that must be adhered to by the practicing professional. For example, the American Psychological Association (APA, 2002) have established some specific boundaries including, "Boundaries of competence (Standard 2.01),in which psychologists must have the specific skills in ...

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