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Case Law Rulings and Legislative Acts in Psychology Practice

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How have case law rulings and legislative acts impacted the practice of professional psychology?
How did the Tarasoff decision affect the professional practice of psychology?
How did the Jaffee v. Redmond Supreme Court ruling clarify the concept of privileged communication in psychotherapy?
What effects have the HIPAA regulations had on the way professional psychology is practiced?
Overall, do you feel that case law decisions and governmental (legislative) regulations have helped or hindered the practice of psychology? Explain.

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Case law rulings and legislative acts has made the practice of professional psychology more accountable for the therapist must first accurately diagnose the client's tendency to behave in dangerous ways towards others. The first duty is judged by the standards of professional negligence. This was the Tarasoff decision.

Therapists will be better be able to inform their clients about the limits of confidentiality. ...

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This solution gave several court rulings that affected how various rules and regulations have changed and how social workers and counselors do their work.