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Legal issues: common law, sources of law and remedies

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As a new manager in your department, you are tasked with the job of providing employee training for members of your department who have interactions with the legal department. In order to ensure that everyone can effectively work with the legal staff, you must prepare a series of training document primers on various areas of law and legal concepts that are generally encountered in your company's day-to-day operations.

As an introduction to this training series, write a two page paper outlining the common law tradition and sources of law. In your treatment of these topics, you should also include a discussion of:

What is common law?
What are the sources of American law?
What is the importance of precedent to the judicial decision-making process?
What are equitable and legal remedies?

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What is common law?
Common law is a legal system endorsed by countries. Common law is law based on the decisions of judges or courts in precedents or through legislative means. The judges decisions are based on situations and define laws written in legislative bodies. Legislative bodies write laws to reflect judges opinions and rulings, other laws, and fill in gaps in previous laws, upheld by courts and judges.
Common law is also referred to as case law, because many laws are based on cases presented to courts.

What are the sources of American law?
American law is based on several sources. These include common law also known as case law, statutory laws, administrative law, court rulings, and ...

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An overview of common law, sources of law, precedents, and remedies based on the questions provided.

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