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    P.R. campaign

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    Recommend strategies to build media relations and generate publicity for Smith Systems Consulting. The issue was Security Issues Operating on the Internet. As a respected and trusted leader in innovative but practical information technology services and consulting, Smith Systems Consulting (SSC) recognizes the importance of its public image and its clients' confidence in the company. SSC recently endured a security problem on its Internet Web site which potentially caused the breach of client, employee, and investor personal and financial information. SSC recognizes that it must take swift and positive action to allay the fears of its various interested parties and regain their trust.

    Here is what information I need----- List objectives for the P.R. campaign

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    The primary objective the PR campaign of Smith Systems in this scenario is to regain the trust of the customers and public as well as reinforce the positive image of the company in the eyes of the customers and public, which was tarnished due to the security breach over its website.
    In other words, the PR campaign intends to bring back the positive image of the company in the minds of those customers and public in general who have lost trust in the company.

    Some of the strategies which can be used in ...

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    List objectives for the P.R. campaign