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    Major HR Challenges

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    Make a presentation to a high school business class about human resources and the challenges facing this profession.
    Identify the major HR challenges facing organizations and managers.
    Discuss how HR management skills can be used in organizational settings.
    Identify the social, economic, political, and cultural challenges that confront HR managers in the 21st century

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    The Major HR Challenges Facing Organizations and Managers

    There have been many challenges in the HR profession that are faced today and for sure, there will be others in the years to come. These challenges have already been around but many organizations have failed to address these issues and this failure will contribute to the problem in the organizations in the future. What are these challenges that we have to know? According to Jamrog, J., there are five challenges for the HR Profession and they are as follows:

    1. Figure out the meaning of talent management and integrate it. Integrated talent management not only means breaking down the silos and developing a strategy that is holistic but also ensuring that the people are matched with the right skills and at the right time for the business to be able to execute the strategy. What is important is the true goal of execution rather than integration as this is only a means to an end.
    2. Get beyond the multi-generational hurdle as there is no stereotypical generation that everyone can fit in. It is not advisable to develop procedures to accommodate different generations and in order to retain the best is to treat each staff as an individual and to build trusting relationships between the superiors and employees.
    3. Get to the next level of HR metrics by starting to measure how effective the HR programs are; its impact on the organization; and its ability to assist in executing the business strategy.
    4. HR usually fails to have a comprehensive strategy for technology but technology will be able to make HR more efficient in the future. The next challenge is how HR can become more ...

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